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Mobil Home & Cottage Rentals | Great Outdoors in Seaside Location


Camping L'Auzance - 12 rue du Calvaire - 85470 Brem-Sur-Mer +332 51 20 82 90 lauzance@orange.fr Lundi - Samedi : 10h/18h | Dim. 10h/12h

Outdoor Play & Trampolines

Tennis Table, trampoline, balance beams, or swing set ? 

The youngest childrens will be spoilt for choice.
But maybe they will prefer the monkey rope bridge, a small slide or jumping up and down on a trampoline? 

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Anyway, everybody will have fun.
And during this time, you can even supervise your chils by making your sunbathes or just swimming 
in the 29° warm water (The swimming pools are just nearby).

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